Types of Cameras You Could Use in Your Home Security System

a drone flies in a blue sky | mendota home securityEvery year homeowners install more home security cameras such that every year sets a new record for the total number of home security cameras in use across America. The technology has been improving and the costs have been coming down. Security cameras have become much easier to use, easier to install and easier to monitor. So more homeowners are getting them.

Plus, home security cameras are no longer just for detecting thieves. They can let you know when your kids get home safe from school. You can be notified when your important package is delivered. You can even “answer” the doorbell without getting up from the couch—just video chat with whoever is at the door.

Without getting into brand names or specific models, there are different types of cameras being used today. Here’s a quick primer on these different types of cameras you will hear about as you work on developing your home security system.

  1. Wired cameras: Fully wired cameras might be what your dad installed. These camera are wired for electrical power and wired to send video through a cable to a recording device inside the home. The video feed is generally not accessible via the Internet.
  2. Semi-wireless cameras: Newer security cameras tend to use your home’s Wi-Fi network for sending the video feed to a controlling device or to the cloud. The camera can be wireless as far as sending its video feed but still wired for electrical power.
  3. Wireless cameras: Truly wireless cameras use Wi-Fi and are battery-powered. Battery life varies, but some rechargeable batteries can last months at a time. Videos can be stored internally and/or in the cloud.
  4. Video doorbells: People love the idea of being able to see and hear who’s at their door with their phone. These cameras look like doorbells and they can be activated either by pressing the doorbell or by motion near your front door. They generally use Wi-Fi. They can be attached to the electrical system using the original doorbell wiring; however, many are battery-operated.
  5. Power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras: PoE cameras are wired in, but unlike the old wired security cameras, PoE cameras are wired with Cat5 or Cat6 cables—the kind of cable that connects your modem/router to your computer. The cable provides power and transmission capability to a recording device hooked up to the home’s router. These cameras are not subject to Wi-Fi interference.


Wireless cameras and video doorbells are easy to install, easy to use and easy to monitor. In most cases, after installing the camera, you simply download the company’s app onto your phone and that gives you access to your camera. The video feed can be stored locally and/or in the cloud. You can be notified when motion-activated cameras are recording or when someone approaches your front door. A professional home security installer can explain how these different types of cameras can be integrated into your home security system.

Looking for more info on which home security cameras to use? Give the team at Triple Service a call today, and we may be able to point you in the right direction!

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