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Types of Cameras You Could Use in Your Home Security System

Every year homeowners install more home security cameras such that every year sets a new record for the total number of home security cameras in use across America. The technology has been improving and the costs have been coming down. Security cameras have become much easier to use, easier to install and easier to monitor. […]

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5 Way to Cut Your Summer Electricity Costs

Summer comes with many extra costs like vacations, camping, and family fun outdoors. We don’t want rising electrical prices to diminish our enjoyment of summer. Here are 5 ways to save energy and money this summer. Dry Your Clothes Outside Our clothes dryers use a lot of energy, and they may contribute to heating up […]

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How to Terminate Termites Before They Damage Your Home

Termites do about $5 billion of damage to American homes every year, according to the National Pest Management Association. The problem with termites is that many homeowners don’t realize they have them in their house until significant damage has been done. If you live in a neighborhood where homeowners have dealt with termites, it’s worth […]

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Here’s How To Save Money While Staying Cool This Summer

When summer days get hotter, air conditioning can be so awesome! It feels so good to escape the heat and cool down in the comfort of your home. At least it feels good and cool until the first skyrocketing energy bill comes in. Then things really heat up! How can you keep your house cool […]

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Why Does My Carpet Have a Wet Dog Smell After a Deep Cleaning?

Did you just go through all the work of renting a steam cleaner to give your carpet a deep cleaning only to have your carpet smelling worse? Or do you have the greater frustration of paying a professional carpet cleaning service with the result of a worse-smelling carpet? When you’re expecting it to smell great […]

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Flushable Wipes and 7 Other Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

Ask any plumber and they will tell you that people often flush things down the toilet that really should not be flushed. They’ve cleared enough clogs from toilet drain pipes to know the worst things that people flush. Save yourself the plumbing bill by never flushing any of the following things down your toilet. Wet […]

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5 Tips to Protect Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Just because you’re away on vacation doesn’t mean you don’t stop thinking about or needing to take care of your house. Here are 5 tips to make sure your home is safe from electrical issues while you are gone. Unplug Even when your devices are turned off, they still use up power and electricity and […]

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What To Keep Your A/C Set At During The Summer

Everyone seems to have an opinion on how low the indoor temperature should be in the summer when running the air conditioning. Many people just think 72 degrees because that’s standard room temperature, but others think it should be higher when it’s hotter outside. Recently, while inspecting a rented house, I saw that the tenant […]

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Quick Fixes For A Gurgling Kitchen Sink

It’s frustrating enough doing all the dishes that the family seems to leave in and all around the kitchen sink, but when you finish the dishes and drain the sink and it gurgles back at you, that’s maddening! Why is the kitchen drain gurgling like that? Let’s figure out what you can do to get […]

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Keep Your Kids “Power Smart”

Kids are naturally energetic and curious. They can get into absolutely everything, especially what you don’t want them to. Because of this, kids can get in to danger and we must be diligent about electrical safety in our homes. Wires Look out for frayed wires! Fraying typically happens on either end of the wire and […]

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"I will recommend your company to everyone!"

Your service is excellent! Everyone really came through for us when we needed help on the coldest day of the year. I have and will continue to recommend your company to everyone. Thanks so much for your help!
-T. Clayton

"I will definitely use them again!"

The entire process was professional and efficient. The guys that came to our house to do the installation were great. They were personable and quick and did a very thorough job. I will definitely use them again.
-David H.

"Timely, Efficient & Clean!"

Service in several areas has been excellent. We've had Triple Service for furnace, air conditioner, flow-through water heater and plumbing. All of the service techs have been excellent. They were timely, efficient and cleaned up any messes.
-Richard H.

"Triple Service was very attentive to our needs"

They kept us informed on the time the service would be completed. The staff was very knowledgable and quick.
-Andrea G.