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Did you know that furnace tuneup can prevent that panicked moment where you’re running around wondering, “Who can fix my furnace?” Instead of waiting until the worst happens and your furnace goes out in the middle of something like last year’s Polar Vortex, call us at Triple Service to get your furnace tuneup in Mendota now.

Why Invest in Seasonal Furnace Service?

Regular furnace maintenance has a few benefits, most of which appeal to many homeowners. Sure, it’s an investment of your time, money, and energy, but it’s so much better than needing a furnace repair in the middle of a snowstorm or a cold front. Here are just a few of the benefits you could reap by choosing furnace maintenance this year.

  • Save energy. Our furnace tuneup helps your furnace run more efficiently. This means that it doesn’t have to use as much energy to achieve the same or greater levels of heating in your home. This is great for the environment and great for you!
  • Save money. When you’re not using as much energy, your utility bills will be lower. Some people find that they experience significant savings after investing in furnace maintenance.
  • Avoid repairs. When your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as possible, it experiences more wear and tear. This can lead to the necessity for regular, even seasonal, furnace repair. This is a hassle for you and it can get expensive, too. Avoid it all with a furnace tuneup in Mendota today.
  • Avoid early replacement. Another byproduct of an inefficient unit is that your furnace may wear out early. There’s only so much furnace repair you can do before you just need to get a new one! This is expensive and it can leave you without heat for a day or so. Stop the hassle by getting on a regular furnace maintenance program today!

What is a Furnace Tuneup?

Your furnace tuneup in Mendota will involve four steps. These help us ensure that your furnace is running well.

  • We’ll start with a visual inspection of the entire system.
  • Next, we’ll clean out any places where dust and debris can collect.
  • We’ll continue by replacing any filters you might have.
  • Finally, we’ll check each part of your furnace against the manufacturer’s specifications

If we find any problems with your furnace, we’ll let you know and work with you to come up with a plan to get it all repaired before you need to use your furnace again. We’ll complete the repairs fast so you won’t have to worry about how well your furnace will run this winter. After all, you have so many more important things to focus on!

Call us at Triple Service for your furnace tuneup today. You can also choose to join our Service Club. For a yearly fee, we’ll handle all of your HVAC maintenance. We’ll contact you when it’s time to do it and make sure you get a priority spot on our busy schedule.

Whenever you need furnace maintenance, make an appointment with Triple Service!

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