Air Conditioning Maintenance

an air conditioner needing air conditioner maintenance in mendotaDid you know that investing in seasonal air conditioner maintenance can help your system run efficiently so you save money, avoid air conditioner repair, and avoid replacing your system so often? At Triple Service, we’ll make sure that your air conditioner maintenance in Mendota and the surrounding areas gets done right, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your A/C will turn on this summer.

What is A/C Maintenance?

When you call us for A/C maintenance or an air conditioner tuneup in Mendota, we’ll do a few things to ensure your unit runs well.

  • We’ll perform a visual inspection of your entire HVAC system. This gives us a good idea of whether it has had air conditioner service regularly or whether it has been neglected, and it can point us toward some potential problems we’ll investigate later.
  • We’ll clean out your air conditioner. Dust and other debris can gather on the coils and in other locations. This makes it harder for the air conditioner to cool the air because the dust basically acts as insulation. When we remove it as part of your seasonal air conditioner maintenance, your A/C will cool more efficiently again.
  • We’ll change any filters you have. We can also teach you how to change the filters so you can keep up with this. Regular filter changes can mean the difference between an A/C that struggles and one that keeps you cool.
  • We’ll test every component of your air conditioner against the manufacturer’s specifications. This will tell us if your A/C is running well, or if anything needs to be replaced.

If, at any time, we realize you need an air conditioner repair, we’ll work with you to get that done as soon as possible. This helps you avoid those awful moments when you suddenly realize your air conditioner isn’t working anymore.

Do I Need Air Conditioner Service?

We recommend an air conditioner tuneup in Mendota every year, preferably right before you turn your A/C on for the spring or summer. Call us early, though, because we get busy once it starts warming up. You can also join our Service Club. If you do this, we’ll call you when it’s time for air conditioner maintenance in Mendota and make sure you get a place on our schedule.

If you’ve just moved into a home and you don’t know when it last had an air conditioner tuneup, call us. We’ll come out and let you know how well your A/C has been cared for and get it back in great working order. Before you know it, we’ll have you more comfortable at home and you’ll be able to rest assured that your A/C is working well.

Contact us whenever you realize you need air conditioner maintenance in Mendota. We’ll get you on our schedule ASAP, then come check out your A/C. Don’t hesitate to call us with maintenance questions, either. We’ll answer them or send someone out to you who can.


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