For year-round peace of mind, consider investing in a standby generator. At Triple Service, we offer professional generator installation in Mendota and the surrounding areas throughout north central Illinois.  We proudly install Kohler standy generators.  They are efficient, dependable and affordable.

We can get some crazy weather in the Midwest, and power outages are fairly common. When they drag on for several days, the effects can be disastrous. With a backup generator, though, you can rest assured knowing that your essential items will have power even when storms knock out your neighbors’ power.

The Benefits of Kohler Standby Generators

Kohler 14KW Generator

A Kohler 14 KW Standby Generator

Having a standby generator provides more than just convenience. The benefits of a standby generator are numerous and include:

  • Continuous Power. A standby generator ensures continuous power even when the utility supply fails. If a major storm strikes and knocks out your power, a standby generator will detect the failure and automatically switch on. And when the power comes back on, your generator will automatically switch off.
  • Protect Critical Power Needs. With a standby generator, you don’t need to worry about the food in your fridge or freezer soiling when the power goes out. You’ll also still have power to run critical medical equipment, your heating or cooling system and chargers for cell phones, tablets and other communications devices.

Choosing the Right Standby Generator

When you decide you invest in a standby generator, you need to invest in the right one. There are several factors that

Standby Generator Installation

A Kohler 20KW Standby Generator

need to be taken into consideration, such as whether you want to power your entire home or you just want to keep a couple essentials running. You’ll also need to consider the size of your home and what type of fuel your generator will run on.

At Triple Service, we sell and install gas generators and propane generators from industry-leading brands like Kohler. If you aren’t sure what option to choose, one of our technicians would be more than happy to help you decide.

Generator Installation in North Central Illinois

For professional generator installation in North Central Illinois, count on the technicians right here at Triple Service. When you choose us, your generator will be installed by a professional electrician who you can trust to do the job right.

If you’re thinking about getting a standby generator for your Mendota home, contact Triple Service to learn more or request an estimate from a top Illinois electrician. To speak with one of our technicians, please call 815-539-3828 now.