Electrical Services

coupon for discounted home electrical inspection in mendotaWhen you need an electrician in Mendota, Aurora, or the surrounding areas, call in one of the experts from Triple Service. We promise that we’ll get to you quickly, at a time that works well for you. Then we’ll assess your needs, talk you through your options, and get to work getting your electrical system just the way you need and want it. Before long, your home will be working again or you’ll have taken it one step closer to the house of your dreams.

Electrical Repair

We’ll take on any electrical repair in Mendota that you need to have done. We’ll make your outlets work again, ensure that your switches are safe, or do your circuit box repair as soon as we can. Is your power out in Mendota? We’ll get it back on and troubleshoot the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Needing an electrician in Aurora, Mendota, or the surrounding areas can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll make sure that your electrical repair in Mendota is done well and completed quickly so you can get on with your life and focus on the things you love!

Electrical Installation

Electrical installations can be exciting! Are you putting in new indoor or outdoor lighting, adding on to your home, or installing a spa or hot tub? We’ll help you get the electrical lines you need so you can be safe and have all of the features you want. We can even help you choose options that are known for their electrical longevity so you can be sure your new installations will last for a long time.

Are you frustrated with the layout of outlets, plugs, switches, and more in your home? Stop just dealing with it and call us at Triple Service. We’ll send out an electrician in Mendota to make sure things are just where you need them. From outlet installation to moving switches, we’ll help you get a home that works for you!

Electrical Maintenance

Regular electrical maintenance can keep your system running well, both now and for years to come. We’ll visually inspect your system, then test it to make sure everything is running well. If we find overloaded circuits or other dangers in your system, we’ll work with you to get them fixed so your home continues to be a safe haven for you and your family.

An overloaded circuit box can be a hazard. If we find this, we’ll work to do a circuit box repair, installation, or replacement so you can get the functionality you need at home without any fire hazards for you and your family. Your electrician in Aurora will give you all your options so you can choose what will work best for your needs.

Working With Us

Whether your power is out in Mendota or you need an electrical installation, we want you to have a great experience working with us and our electricians. From the moment you first call Triple Service, we want to give you service that tells you we care. We’ll strive to be polite, to set you at ease, and to treat your home the same way we’d treat our own. We’ll make sure you get the best electrical pieces from the best brands – brands that we have come to trust after working in this business for years! We’ll also do our very best work for you, every single time!

Call Triple Service for all of your electrical needs today. Before long, we’ll complete your electrical repair in Mendota or your electrical installation in Aurora. Stop waiting and call now!

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